FAQ—Pastoral Counseling

What Does the "Pastoral" Part of Pastoral Counseling Services Mean?

‚ÄĚPastoral" means the services we offer are nurturing & sensitive to the spiritual viewpoints and values of the client. An important supporting belief in our "pastoral" work is that an individual's spiritual life may be a valuable resource for resolving conflicts, healing wounds, and creating meaning and value in the lives of persons who seek counseling at Five Gates.

Is My Conversation With My Pastoral Counselor Confidential?

The relationship between you and your pastoral counselor, Rabbi DuBrow, is no less professional that the one you have with a therapist or other healthcare provider. The relationship is quite simple to understand as your pastoral counselor cannot and will not share anything they hear in your sessions. Someone who comes to Five Gates pastoral counseling will receive their assistance behind closed doors where no one will know the true nature of the conversation.

What Can I Talk About With My Pastoral Counselor

Just about anything related to you health, wellbeing, and life purpose and meaning. Pastoral counselors provide guidance based on the belief that when you learns how to explore your soul and spirit, you can truly start to heal and grow in a holistic, righteous way.

How Do I Make an Appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling Rabbi DuBrow at (424) 249-9163. Rabbi DuBrow will ask you a few questions to assure that there is a match between your needs and our services. Once accepted, you can set up a time for your appointment with Rabbi DuBrow.

How Much Does Counseling Cost and How Do I Pay for it?

We have a standard fee of $125 per (50-minute) session for the initial session and for couples and family counseling. The standard fee for subsequent sessions and for individual counseling is $100 per (50-minute) session. However, no one will be turned away due to lack of financial means.

Are My Sessions Covered By My Insurance?

Unfortunately, most insurance carriers will not provide coverage for pastoral counseling. All clients are responsible for making financial arrangements at the start of their session.