Rabbi Meilech Leib DuBrow

Rabbi DuBrowRabbi Meilech Leib DuBrow is the founder of the Five Gates Society and the compiler of Torahpractic healing. He is a nationally recognized educator and public speaker on Jewish health and wellness, as well as Jewish meditative practices, Chassidus and Kabbalah. He is the author of four books on Jewish healing and meditation: Jewish Healing for Body & Soul, Jewish Healing Practices: The List, 350 Healing Light Meditations: Daily Wisdom From Kabbalah, and KosherHealth Nutrition: The Secret to Perfect Health, Unlimited Energy, and a More Meaningful Life. He runs an active Torahpractic healing practice in Los Angeles, California.

Torahpractic Healing

Our Torah tradition, and especially Chabad Chassidus, teaches us that together with the healing of physical ailments, a Jewish healer knowledgeable in both the physical and spiritual functioning of the human body was difficult at best. However, for the past 45 years, Rabbi DuBrow—who was trained as both a rabbi and a holistic health practitioner and nutritionist—has been compiling just such knowledge from classical Torah sources such as Talmud Kabbalah, Chassidus, and Halachah.

The result of that effort has been the development of the Five Gates system of Torahpractic healing. Rabbi DuBrow describes Torahpractic healing as "the systematic application of Torah principles to the promotion of health and wellbeing," and says that it specifically "focuses on the spiritual ailments underlying physical illnesses."

Citing the ancient yet highly relevant wisdom of Kabbalah, Rabbi DuBrow explains that the source of health is our connection with the Divine. Healing is about restoring that Divine connection.

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