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Five Gates Society is dedicated to the health and security of our congregants and community
through the promotion of the Five Gates journey and Torahpractic™ healing.

The Five Gates is a purposeful journey of personal growth and meaning transformation through the five states of conscious awarenesses:

Our Torahpractic™ healing and pastoral counseling services help you identify and resolve the spiritual ailments that underly all physical, emotional, and mental illness. Find out more here.

Five Gates is also the exclusive home of the SoulMaps™ free personality test. Based upon thousands of years of Jewish esoteric wisdom, SoulMaps™ measures the vitality you are receiving to each of your basic soul powers. Without vitality, your soul powers weaken and make it difficult for you to grow and prosper. Take the free SoulMaps™ personality test here. [If you’ve already taken the SoulMaps test and want to review your results, use the LogIn button above].